2nd BWH -KACST workshop titled "Center of Excellence for Biomedicine"

  26/02/2018       27/02/2018

This 2nd symposium aims at formulating research and training plans among investigators from both KACST and BWH in the form of an advanced training program (ATP), a key program envisioned in this collaboration, that seeks to attract young Saudi graduates in biomedical sciences and transform them to become the future generations of leaders in medicine and biotechnology. Our research partnership will enable them by developing and refining their research, entrepreneurship and leadership skills and ultimately will facilitates their access to prestigious programs for postgraduate studies. An active center will serve as a hub for which trained Saudi scientists can publish their work in high impact journals. The presentations will be centered around the three major focus areas of the CEBM’s mission:

  • Advances in Stem Cell Therapeutics and Imaging
  • Accelerated Nanomedicine Innovation
  • Unraveling Molecular Mechanisms and Genetics of Neurodegeneration